Apple has announced that iOS 10 will bring big changes to the lock screen. Some of the changes include an all-new design, 3D Touch support, easy access to your camera and widgets and more. Notifications will become even richer, allowing you to 3D Touch into them to see more information.

A common complaint with the updated Touch ID was that it was too fast and notifications were being missed. Apple has corrected that with a new "Raise to wake" feature that will turn on the display as you raise your wrist to see the notifications. Notifications will now overlay on top of wallpaper, and they can be easily dismissed from Notification Center with a 3D Touch to clear them all.

Accessing the camera is easier than ever, as all you have to do is swipe from the right to access the camera. Swiping from the left will bring up a list of your available widgets, and you can 3D Touch into widgets to quickly get into live updates from your favorite apps and more.

3D Touch will now let you see who calendar invites are from, who the emails you haven't responded to are from, where your Uber is in real time and much more.

WWDC 2018


WWDC 2018