One of the huge advantages of iOS 4's virtual keyboard is that, for people who write in multiple languages, changing from English to Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, or other non-Roman options involves a simple Settings change. This is helpful for language students and business travelers alike. It can also be fun, especially when it comes to things like Japanese Emoji (think emoticons gone wild).

Kyle sent this our way:

When turning on the japanese romaji keyboard, if you return to the keyboards menu you will be given a new option "edit user dictionary" where you can add a new word/Yama (if I remember that right) to the auto-correct dictionary and I assume the spell-check as well.

After tinkering for a bit, I saw the Chinese Pinyin keyboards work as well for the dictionary. Now, while meandering through the Japanese keyboard, I saw this "^_^" key under the '123' tab. Tap it and you'll be given a gigantic list of 'emoticons' if you will and some of which include symbols like those of a character map.

I HIGHLY recommend you see these as some are a bit funny looking and it really makes you think why Apple would put these on here, and why so many?

We're guessing it's because iPhone is popular in Japan, Emoji are popular in Japan, and Apple's using the latter to increase the former. If any Japanese readers have a better theory, let us know!

More pics after the break, and more on iOS 4 in our walkthrough...

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