iOS 4.2 bugs: Having problems with MobileMe password?

Having problems with your MobileMe password lately? We're hearing from users (and our own Rene!) that MobileMe both on the web at and on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad complains your password is wrong when it's the same password you've always used. We'll take a look at the symptoms and possible solutions after the break!

So MobileMe suddenly starts rejecting your password and you're sure you're typing it in correctly? Here are some things to try:

On, simply entering the password a second time seems to work for some while on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, even though there's a warning, email, calendars, etc. seem to keep syncing without a problem. In other words it is annoying but you can muscle through.

For others, stops working entirely but switching back to the old version ( instead of works fine. Them when Apple fixes it on their end you can switch back.

While this is not technically an iOS 4.2 bug it did seem to start happening right around the time Apple released iOS 4.2. Perhaps the transition from pure service to also supporting Apple ID's for the now free Find my iPhone feature caused some server side hiccups?

Meanwhile you can also always try the old stand by of deleting the account from your device and then adding it back again. It's a pain but maybe less so than the repeated error popups.

If you're experiencing the MobileMe password bug and if these fixes or any others helped you out, let us know in the comments!