iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad walkthrough

Could iOS 4.3 be coming in two weeks, right after the Verizon-sponsored free trial of The Daily runs out and subscriptions kick in? John Gruber of Daring Fireball thinks so.

I originally thought Apple might even announced iOS 4.3 today... until iOS 4.3 beta 3 hit yesterday. I thought they'd require it for in-app subscriptions... until The Daily was released today. Then I thought in-app subscriptions might simply be a back-end change on Apple's part, no new firmware required for devices. Gruber, however, rightly points out that The Daily isn't using in-app subscriptions just yet and won't be for another two weeks (Verizon is sponsoring it for free until then). Is that enough time for Apple to release an iOS 4.3 GM seed next week and an iOS 4.3 final release the week after?

Could be. Could still be February 10th to coincide with the Verizon iPhone launch or sometime in March/April along with iPad 2. What's your best guess?

UPDATE: Both David Pogue of The New York Times and Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal seemed to hint iOS 4.3 would indeed drop the week of the 13th in their Verizon iPhone reviews as well.

UPDATE 2: Pogue has removed the date info from his review. Correcting an erroneous assumption or removing a leak? Hmmmm....

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