As with all new beta firmware, it appears there are references to new hardware in iOS 5. I expected there to be references to a 5th generation iPhone model but there are also placeholders for new iPad models as well. TUAW is reporting that they found references to not only two difference 5th generation iPhone models, but 2 different iPad models as well.

I'm assuming the two iPhone references are to the GSM and CDMA models of whatever the 5th generation iPhone will be called. I definitely didn't expect to see two new iPad models this soon. And even more interesting, there are no new references of a fifth generation iPod Touch. Considering Apple typically releases new iPods in the Fall, we normally see code pointing in that direction around this time.

From TUAW -

Specifically, there are declarations buried in the iOS system files that reference "iPad3,1" and "iPad3,2." Likewise, "iPhone4,1" and "iPhone4,2." The iPhone 5 will be a 4th generation unit because the iPhone 3G was technically 1st generation. This throws off the numbering and confuses everyone, so don't fret if you were confused....

What do you guys think? I'm going with the fact that they just stuck place holders in there for future iPad iterations. They've done it in the past. I am, however, intrigued that there are no iPod references found this close to what should be an iPod refresh.