Now that the excitement has died down after the WWDC keynote, let’s consider what is missing from iOS 5. There has been a huge amount of speculation over the last few months about what to expect. This often leads to huge disappointment when the actual details are revealed. These are a few of the areas that are still lacking in iOS 5. Of course things could still change and get added into iOS 5 prior to its debut in the Fall.

  • System Wide Voice Control, not a single mention of this. It is still an area where iOS needs to catch up with Android.
  • SMS Messaging application is still basic compared with the jailbreak alternatives like BiteSMS; despite what Scott Forstall would like you to believe. No quick reply options to be had and you still have to go into the app each time you want to reply.
  • Themes and Customizations are still missing. The 20 icon screen layout is here to stay for at least until iOS 6. Still No customized Email tones either.
  • Folder Passwords would have been a simple addition to iOS 5, a simple way to keep your personal information and apps away from others.
  • Synergy, this one was a bit of a long shot but would have been a great addition in iOS 5. The ability for your iPad and iPhone to talk and work together would have been great. HP can do it why not Apple?

Are there any more glaring omissions from iOS 5 that you can think of? Let us know in the comments!