iOS 6 beta links leaked, original iPad may not be supported

Links for iOS 6 beta have been found online ahead of the expected official announcement tomorrow at WWDC. While the links aren't yet active, it gives us an idea of what iOS devices will be supported and it looks like Apple may be dropping the original iPad.

While there's been some speculation about what will be announced at WWDC 2012, the one thing that's certain to be announced and shown off is iOS 6. We also expect that Apple will release the first beta to developers soon after the keynote, which is scheduled for Monday, June 11th, at 1 p.m. EDT.

A chinese forum site online, has posted what may be links to the developer beta of iOS 6. When attempting to click the links, you'll get a page saying that your session is expired, even if you're logged in as a developer.

What's even more interesting about this list is the original iPad isn't on it. The iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS are all present on the list along with the 4th generation iPod touch and both generations of Apple TV.

If Apple plans on supporting the iPhone 3GS under iOS 6, the original iPad being dropped couldn't be placed on hardware constraints considering it's got better specifications than the iPhone 3GS. If these links are legitimate, a lot of users will probably want a reason as to why the original iPad won't be getting iOS 6.

Perhaps Apple hasn't posted a link for the original iPad yet. Either way we'll find out tomorrow. Hit the source link below to check out the leaked links and then check out our predictions for iOS 6.

Source: WeiPhone via MacRumors

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