iOS 6 beta reveals iPhone 5 processor chip model, other under-the-hood hardware

Some details about the inner processor workings of the upcoming iPhone 5 have reached the rumor stage, including the next generation processor specs. We've already seen plenty of supposed leaks for the exterior hardware, but on the inside, 9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub says we can expect a Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor that is internally branded as the A5-***. 

The processor is a step up from what's in the new iPad, so likely dual-core and built with 32 nm process. The graphic processing chip is apparently a SGX543RC*, which doesn't exist in any official capacity right now, so not much to run on there. The leak also confirms 1 GB of RAM, which is a nice step up from the iPhone 4S. The cellular baseband is the same Qualcomm chip used in the new iPad, but it's expected that the final product will have something from Gobi that would be compatible with China Mobile's TD-LTE network.

Weintraub says iOS 6 is so far along that an iPhone 5 launch before the expected October window is entirely possible. Besides Apple's in-house maps app, there's apparently an all-new iOS app we'll see soon enough.

So that's a lot of juicy information, and combined with the shots of the external casing, we're starting to get a fairly complete picture of what the iPhone 5 will look like - provided it's all accurate, of course. Personally, I'm finding everything here is specific enough to be credible, but even so, there's a lot that's prone to last-minute changes before going into final production.  The main thing people seem concerned about is the 4-inch display, not necessarily going quad-core, or including LTE or NFC connectivity. What would you guys like to see under the hood of the iPhone 5? Is the iPhone 4S meeting your processing needs, or can Apple ill afford to release something with the same horsepower again?

Source: 9to5 Mac