iOS 6 could point to new, smaller Dock connector sporting 9-pins

Back in February, iMore reported that Apple would be switching away from the traditional 30-pin Dock connector currently found in all iPhones, iPods, and iPads, to a new, miniaturized Dock connector, both to save space inside new, battery-needy devices, and in recognition of wireless technologies like AirPlay and Wi-Fi sync replacing some of the old Dock requirements. Now 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman has gone digging inside iOS 6 beta 4 and found reference to a 9-pin connector.

The reference comes as a new iOS hardware feature called “9Pin,” so we’re assuming this has to do with the dock connector. [...] This reference comes in a part of the operating system that details general hardware features in iOS devices. That mean this new 9-pin connector may not only be implemented into the iPhone.

TechCrunch has previously reported on a 19-pin connector and iLounge on an 8-pin connector. Both have had good sources in the past, though the code strings found by 9to5Mac, if indeed they refer to the new Dock connector, would be the least opaque to date.

The reference being part of the general OS, and not iPhone specific, could be an indicator that Apple will indeed be updating the entire iOS product line this September when iOS 6 launches.

Last month iMore learned Apple will be providing an adapter for accessories that use the old Dock connector, so does the exact number of pins make a difference to you? More the merrier or the fewer the better?

Source: 9to5Mac