iOS 6 reportedly code named Sundance, more rumors about Siri API, Siri for iPad, iTunes 11

iOS 6 is rumored to be code named Sundance, continuing Apple's tradition of naming iOS releases after ski resorts. This according to MG Siegler at TechCrunch. Siegler also triple confirms the newly updated Maps app is coming in iOS 6, though he thinks the hype surrounding how good it is might be hyperbole.

Specifically, while the 3D functionality is cool, it’s also not something people are going to use regularly. Think of it like Google Street View — cool, but how often do you actually use it when compared to the regular Google Maps product? (Having said that, I still expect Apple’s 3D maps to be cooler than Google Street View.)

He's also heard whispers that Siri might be getting API access, meaning App Store apps could interface with it at some level. As to Siri on the iPad, just like iMore conjectured back in March, he's led to believe Apple is still working out the user interface.

After all, Apple is using the technology for the Dictation functionality found on the new iPad. They’ve just been working on what Siri for iPad will look like, I’ve been led to believe.

Lastly, he speculates iTunes 11, which he says Apple has been trying unsuccessfully to rewrite for a while now, may be getting close to a revamp and may bring some type of Spotify-like functionality. (Yes please.)

Siegler generally has good sources at Apple and has reported correct information in the past. None of the above sounds really farfetched either, and some of it matches what iMore and other sites have also been hearing.

And to think, WWDC 2012 is just exactly a month away...

Source: TechCrunch