iOS 6 roundup: Maps, Facebook Integration, Passbook, Siri enhancements, and more

If you missed any of our WWDC 2012 coverage and what iOS 6 will bring with it this Fall, here's your chance to catch up on everything we've covered when it comes to Apple's next iteration of iOS.


Probably the biggest news was the addition of Apple's own Maps app which will be powered by TomTom. Maps will come stock with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic info, and a new feature called Flyover.

  • Apple announces new Maps app complete with turn-by-turn, Flyover, and more

Siri additions and enhancements

Siri received quite a few updates under iOS 6 including iPad support, integration with many car manufacturers, and several new features. Here's what we know so far:


Passbook is a brand new way to store and save airline apps, boarding passes, and more all in one place. Many different services and Passbook apps are already available such as express check at hotels, Target cards, movie tickets, coupons, and more.

Photo Stream sharing

Photo Stream sharing will allow you to create separate streams (similar to how you'd create albums currently). You can then share those separate streams with whoever you'd like. Have one with family for vacation pics and one with mom and dad for baby pics. They'll also be given the ability to comment and like photos native in iOS.

Mail enhancements

  • Multiple e-mail signatures - Finally! If you want a different signature for your work, home, and other e-mails you can do so by adding signatures on a per-account basis.

  • VIP Mailbox allows you to add all the important people in your life to a VIP list and their messages will automatically be filtered into a new VIP mailbox that appears under your default inbox.

  • Apple has also made adding attachements and files easier in iOS 6. Just tap like you would to add rich text or highlight and you'll see an option to add an attachment.

Facebook integration

In iOS 5 we saw Apple integrate Twitter into iOS natively. This year the same will happen with Facebook. Post status, upload pictures, and more without needing a third party app.

  • Facebook integration to be debuted in iOS 6

Additions to Notification Center

Notification Center didn't receive a ton of attention during the keynote but two new features did make an appearance:

  • Notification Center gets Do Not Disturb and Remind Me Later features in iOS 6

FaceTime over the cellular network

FaceTime has only ever been available for us on a Wi-Fi network since it's release in iOS 4. iOS 6 is about to change all that and you'll soon be able to FaceTime wherever you are, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

Even more iOS 6 coverage

We'll be keeping an eye on additional features of iOS 6 and updating this list as we hear more. If we missed anything, let us know!