Today's the day; iOS 7 release day! While we're eagerly awaiting Apple flipping the switch sometime later today, it seems that app developers have been equally busy getting their apps ready. We've got app updates galore pushing out through the App Store this morning – I had 19 update notifications when I woke up! We can't possibly cover them all, so that's where you guys come in!

There's some big names such as eBay – which is a pretty impressive app now, by the way – pushing out huge updates, as well as as a bunch of smaller, perhaps lesser known apps that are already out of the door. If you're not running iOS 7 GM then there'll be a lot of stuff you won't see or get to use just yet, but that'll soon change.

So, if you've seen some iOS 7 flavored app updates this morning, shout out in the comments and let us know what you've had, and what you think of them so far!