iOS 7 might be objectified and gamified, but it's also a challenge to every commodity hardware maker and web-based app platform. That, according to Allan Pike:

By hanging up their rich textures in favour of rich effects, Apple has gone well beyond a coat of paint. If people fall in love with this new, beautifully living aesthetic, there will be an argument for building native apps for years yet.

It's an interesting theory. Sort of like the Avengers. Not quite a threat, but a promise. Apple owns native software, and iOS 7 redefines the way native software can work and interact, quite possibly for the next few years. By moving the target that far out, and in a way that's incredibly expensive, it does play to their specific strengths, and the strengths of their integrated model. How long it takes licensed competitors, and web-based competitors, to catch up remains to be seen, however. The acceleration of mobile never fails to amaze.

Pike makes an interesting case, however. Could iOS 7 be a real differentiator for Apple for years to come?

More: Allan Pike via Daring Fireball