Battery life

A week ago we ran a reader poll asking about your iOS 7.1 battery life, and we've had some interesting results. A full week after the update came out, we'd all had a decent amount of time to discharge and recharge our iPhone and iPad batteries and get a better feel for whether or not anything had changed. Battery life differs from person to person, and in our sampling it looks as if the bad press on the issue may have had some standing.

About 22.5% of those surveyed said their battery life was in some way better than before the update. Not so bad, but then compare it to 34% who saw no change and a combined 43% who said that they're seeing a negative outcome. Of that a quarter of readers surveyed said it was "bad, slightly worse" than before. More than all the folks who said they're seeing any kind of improvement.

The battery life issue got some very public reaction, and honestly while I can say nothing has changed for the worse, it's clear that you guys definitely feel there is an issue. Take a look at the full breakdown in the chart below. But now that the dust has settled a bit more, would you change your vote another week on?

Poll results