iPhone 4 owners: Has iOS 7.1 improved performance?

One of the features Apple lists for the just-released iOS 7.1 software update is "Improved performance for iPhone 4". That's great since previously performance on the was bad enough it had many people desperate to downgrade. That's nothing new, of course. The bottom end of the upgrade list is often excruciating on the x.0 and picks up on the x.1 or x.2. So it was with the iPhone 3G in its day, now it is with the iPhone 4. So, is it really any better?

I've tested iOS 7.1 on my circa January 2011 white GSM iPhone 4 and it does seem to be markedly improved. Where before it would stutter and stammer and otherwise force me to practice my deep breathing and dude-abiding skills, now it's noticeably better. It's not iPhone 5 fast, of course, but it's as acceptable as the iPhone 4s was at least.

If you've updated to iOS 7.1 on your GSM or Verizon iPhone 4 let me know — is it still bad, is it about the same, or has Apple finally delivered unto it some much needed relief?