iOS 8 might offer adjustments to Notifications Center, Messages, better communication between apps

It appears that improvements to Notification Center, Messages, and more might be coming in iOS 8. Among these improvements is the removal of the Missed section of Notification Center, with missed notifications being combined with what is currently called the All tab. For Messages, users may be given the option to set message threads to auto-delete after a certain time period, freeing up storage space. It also appears that Apple is working on better inter-app communication, allowing them to share data without the need for a workaround, according to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac:

Apple is said to be working on and testing functionality that would allow apps from the App Store to better communicate. An API is being developed for apps to be able to share data. For example, a future photo editing application could have the ability to push the edited content for upload via the Instagram or Facebook apps. The debut of the API has been in development for the past couple of years, and it had been removed from the launch version of iOS 7 last year for unspecified reasons. With that in mind, it is plausible that Apple could, again, choose to hold back the functionality.

Other changes appear to be the removal of Game Center as a standalone app, as well as improvements to Voice Memos and CarPlay. What more would you like to see Apple do in these areas? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac