iOS 8 reportedly doubling down on Maps, transit, experimenting with augmented reality

iOS 8, code-named Okemo is currently under active development at Apple. While it won't get anywhere nearly the visual refresh iOS 7 did it will continue to iterate and improve existing features, add new ones, and even add some old ones back. Mark Gurman reporting for 9to5Mac:

Thanks to extensive engineering work and acquisitions of several companies such BroadMap, Embark, and HopStop, Apple’s database for iOS Maps will be upgraded with enhanced data so it is more reliable, according to sources. The new application will also be injected with new points of interests and new labels to make places such as airports, parks, train stations, bus stops, highways, and freeways easier to find, the sources added. Sources also say that the mapping application’s cartography design has been tweaked to be slightly cleaner and to make streets more visible.

Gurman also says Apple will be adding public transit to the Maps app, something it lost when Apple switched away from Google's map data with iOS 6. I've been hearing the same thing for a while now and it makes sense given a) it's an obvious hole to fill, and b) it takes time to acquire that kind of data. Gurman, however, is reporting details on how Apple will be displaying the transit directions, including a new map view.

What's more, Gurman says indoor mapping is in the works, and beyond that, augmented reality to overlay data on top of nearby points-of-interest. No word on whether that last one will make it into iOS 8 or is being worked on for a future version of iOS.

Check out the rest of the article for more and then come back and let me know — what do you want Apple to improve in iOS 8 Maps?

Source: 9to5Mac