iOS 9 to bring albums for selfies and screenshots, bigger grids for iPad folders

Note for readers: We will not be posting screenshots or videos of these features due to the conditions of Apple's non-disclosure agreement.

With the release of the third beta of iOS 9 to developers, Apple Music has come to the development track. But that's not all the release brought with it, with some smaller, useful features putting in appearances.

For photos users, Apple has introduced two new albums that automatically collect certain types of images. The new Screenshots album will gather all of your screenshots, while the Selfie album will do the same for photos taken with an iOS device's front-facing FaceTime camera.

And speaking of Apple Music, the service has an extra setting in iOS 9, not present in iOS 8.4. You can now elect to listen to music at the same quality on both cellular and Wi-Fi. Normally, Apple Music streams at a lower quality while users are disconnected from Wi-Fi in order to use less cellular data.

Finally, on iPads running iOS 9, folders now display apps in grids of 4x4, rather than the previous 3x3 grid. This brings a total of 16 apps per folder page, rather than the original 9.

via: MacRumors