iOS 9 now running on 75% of active iPhones and iPads

iOS 9 has continued to grow at a respectable pace, as people either upgrade of purchase a new device with the latest version of iOS installed. According to the latest monthly numbers provided by Apple, iOS 9 adoption has ticked up to 75% of active devices — up from 70% one month ago.

At the same period in its lifecycle, iOS 8 was sitting at 68% adoption, so iOS 9 is slightly outpacing its predecessor's adoption rate. As for current numbers, iOS 8 now stands at 19%, while the category simply marked "Earlier" sits at 7%.

In early December, Apple launched the second update to the latest version of the mobile OS, iOS 9.2, which fixed a number of nagging bugs and brought several improvements to Accessibility and Apple Music. Earlier this week, Apple also released the first iOS 9.3 beta, which brings some notable new features like Night Shift mode and Touch ID-secured notes.

Source: Apple