iOS and iOS 7 readership on iMore now dwarfs Windows and iOS 6

As might be expected, until recently most iMore readers used Windows to read iMore. That's been changing, and now the largest group of iMore readers are using iOS. That's amazing in two regards because, it shows our readership moving from a Microsoft platform to an Apple platform, and more interestingly, from traditional personal computers to mobile, very personal computing appliances. Equally amazing is how quickly iOS 7 adoption moved through our readership. Of course, the people who read iMore are probably the same people likely to update immediately, but even so within a week it all but obliterated iOS 6. Here are some rough numbers:

  • During the week following iOS 7's launch, over 5.5 million people visited iMore. Of those, roughly 50% were running iOS, 30% were running Windows, 17% running OS X, 3% running Android, 0.4% running Linux, 0.2% running BlackBerry 10, 0.08% running Windows Phone, 0.06% running ChromeOS, and 0.02% running Series40 (Symbian).

  • Of the people running iOS, almost 80% were on iOS 7.x. Most of the rest, around 12%, were on iOS 6.x. Under 2% were on iOS 5, under 0.2% on iOS 4, and under 0.02% on iOS 3. A handful were on iOS 7.1 (Hi!)

  • Of the people running OS X, over 67% were on 10.8, almost 16% were on 10.7, almost 13% 10.6, almost 2.3% on 10.9, over 1.7% on 10.5 intel, and over 0.1% on 10.5 PPC.

  • (If you're curious about Windows numbers, almost 70% were on 7, over 14% on XP, just over 13% on 8, 4.6% on Vista, 0.3% on NT, and 0.3% on Server 2003.)

The times aren't changing. They've changed. And now it's just a matter of degree. Anyone surprised?