Bitcoin on iPhone

A new section in the App Store guidelines suggests that virtual currencies like Bitcoin may very well be supported in the future on iOS. Previously Apple had placed a ban on those sorts of apps, but section 11.17 shows there's been some easing up.

"Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions."

The legality of Bitcoin is still a subject of hot debate, so it's probably wise for Apple to sidestep the issue and let legislators sort it out. No doubt there's a wealth of Bitcoin apps that could enjoy popularity in the App Store. Of course, there's the word "approved" is included there; ultimately, Apple still has the say-so on if Bitcoin is allowed into the App Store or not.

In any case, we accept Bitcoin at iMore, if it's your bag. Also, be sure to check out our favorite Bitcoin apps for Mac.

How many of you guys use Bitcoin? Does the lack of iOS apps really sting?

Source: Reuters