iOS in the Car reportedly launching next week — anyone up for a new Ferrari, Merc, or Volvo?

Apple's iOS in the Car is reportedly set to launch next week. The bi-directional feature that will let you bean select elements of your iPhone's interface — like Maps, iMessage, and music — to your in-vehicule display will initially roll out in partnership with Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo. That's according to Henry Foy and Daniel Thomas of the Financial Times:

The official announcement of Apple’s deal will be made at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, sources told the Financial Times. A number of other manufacturers are expected to incorporate it into models in 2014. Apple, and the carmakers declined to comment

Even though I won't be buying a new Ferrari any time soon I'm incredibly excited by iOS in the Car because I believe it will one day lead to iOS everywhere, and person-centric computing beyond that.

Since Apple won't be making their own cars any time soon — sorry Tesla rumor-mongers — nor anything outside their narrow focus, nor will they be licensing their operating system to other manufacturers to load into their cameras, fridges, or other electronics, this feels like a way to get the best of both. To own the experience without having to become a sprawling conglomerate or barely-debugged stack of drivers.

But that's then, this is now. If the reports are accurate, anyone considering a new car and soon?

Source: Financial Times