Chrome for Android vs. Safari for iPhone: Browser shootout

iOS users are the most active on the web, claiming 65.27% of the total market share compared to Android, in distant second with 19.73%, and Java ME further behind still with 10.22%. BlackBerry trailed with 1.87%, though even a year ago it was only around 3%. Google still rocks the mobile search engine chart, accounting for 91% of all searches from a tablet or smartphone. Out of all web traffic monitored, mobile account for 8.2% of activity, which is up from around 6% last year. All of this, according to metrics company NetMarketShare's most recent web analytics survey.

While it's easy to correlate device market share with mobile web usage, it's clear from these figures that iOS users are still more hungry for web content. Even with comparable web performance on either platform and greater device market share for Android, iOS is winning out. This is thanks in no small part to the fact that Apple has managed to create a great web experience without the now-defunct Flash support. iOS 6 promises a few more features which should make the mobile web on the iPhone and iPad even more compelling.

How have you enjoyed simply browsing the web on iOS compared to other platforms, mobile or otherwise? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see in the next version of Safari to keep the experience up to snuff?

Source: AppleInsider