ComScore has released data for smartphone industry market share in the United States for April 2014. According to the data, Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer with command of 41.4 percent of the market share while Google leads the platform market with its Android OS with 52.5 percent of the market. As to the most used smartphone app? Facebook ranks at the top.

Platform data shows that Android and Windows Phone were the only OSes with growth from the past quarter with the former gaining 0.8 percent and Microsoft gaining 0.1 percent arriving at a 3.3 percent market share. Apple's 41.4 percent platform share was down 0,2 percent while BlackBerry's 2.5 percent share was down 0.6 percent from the beginning of the year. Symbian was constant at 0.2 percent share.

As to top smartphone OEMs, Samsung was the only one that grew. Gaining a whole percentage point since the beginning of the year, Samsung now owns 27.7 percent of the smartphone market, which is second to Apple's 41.4 percent. LG, Motorola, and HTC are in similar positions with between 5 and 6 percent of the market.

In terms of apps, Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, Pandora, Gmail, Google Maps, and Instagram are among the top used apps.

Source: comScore