Reveal gets bumped to version 1.5 with over 35 new features

Attention iOS developers: you might want to check out Reveal if you aren't using it already. The team behind the iOS development tool for Mac, which allows developers to inspect and debug layers of an interface in 3D, has just released an update bringing it up to version 1.5. The update boasts over 35 new features, including auto layout inspection, new inspectors, and a new built-in example app so you can start tinkering right away.

Here are some of the highlights of Reveal's features:

  • Live Edits: Edit and modify views in your running application to see the effect immediately. No more recompiling to test simple visual changes.
  • Comprehensive Inspectors: With detailed custom inspectors for a wide range of UIKit classes you'll be able to see and edit more properties than any other tool.
  • Appcode Integration: Start inspecting iOS applications quickly and easily using AppCode 3.1's built-in support for Reveal.
  • Layout Inspector: View detailed layout properties in the dedicated layout inspector. Visualize Constraints: Find and discover relationships between views and constraints directly on the canvas.
  • Contraint Ownership: See constraints owned by a view in the outline, and identify those created by the system.
  • Constraint Participation: Quickly edit or navigate to constraints that affect a view's layout.

If you're an interested developer, you can give Reveal a shot from the links below. Itty Bitty Apps, the team behind Reveal, has a few different purchase options available:

  • Educational License: $59 per student
  • Personal License: $89 per person
  • Commercial License: $179 per seat

You can also try Reveal out on a 30-day trial basis if you so desire.