iOS dots, OS X wave, and more WWDC 2013!

Moscone West is officially open for badge pickup for Apple's WWDC 2013 and it's been decorated up both inside and out. Here's a quick look at the design language Apple is using for this year's developer conference... and what it may -- or may not -- mean for tomorrow's keynote!

The banner up top is the one inside Moscone at the badge pickup point. Similar to past WWDC 2013 art, it's got the super-thin typeface mirrored by the year in Roman numerals. Gradients are present, layers abound.

For the first time this year, Apple has also decorated across the street from Moscone West with 5 large panels showing the Apple logo, stacked, colored, semi-translucent icon shapes (or roundrect shapes at least), and the slogan "where a whole new world is developing". The iPhone 5 event had old-style iOS icons stretched out. Does this have new iOS 7 icons stacked one on top of the other?

iOS 7 seems to be shown off only by the number 7, also super-thin, and set on a background of gradient dots. Not green felt, certainly, but not blasted clean either.

And OS X seems to be represented by just an X, still in the super-thin typeface, but set against a tidal wave.

No iCloud banner this year. Make of that what you will.

The WWDC 2013 keynote kicks off tomorrow at 10am PT/1pm ET. Be here.

Meanwhile, here's a quick-and-dirty version of the icon banner as wallpaper, Retina iPad sized. Just save the linked file to your Camera Roll then scale and crop to fit your device.

And one for OS X...