iOS outreaches Android by 59% in US

Turns out when you stop the ridiculous practice of comparing Android (an OS) to iPhone (a phone), and compare Android to iOS (another OS), Apple's operating system outreaches Google's by 59% in the US, or 37,868 phones to 23,763.

Now Android growth is still accelerating faster than iOS, and if nothing changes, Android will eventually eclipse iOS, but this remains a far better, saner, and more sensible comparison than the previously, convenient to the point of manipulative "phones that run Android vs. phones that run iOS" numbers we've been subjected to in the past. This is "devices that run most Android apps vs. devices that run most iOS apps". It's far more meaningful to everyone, from Apple and Google to developers.

“These data clearly illustrate the Apple ecosystem extends far beyond the iPhone,” added Donovan. “Though it’s frequently assumed that the Apple user base is composed of dedicated Apple ‘fanboys’, there’s not a tremendous amount of overlapping mobile device access among these users. This of course has significant implications for the developer community as they consider the market potential in developing applications for different mobile platforms.”

There are some other interesting numbers, like the percentage of smartphone to iPad owners. Check the link below for the details. Anyone surprised by the results, or just surprised it took this long to start seeing them?