iOS takes top marketshare spot from Android on iPhone 5 enthusiasm

iOS on phones (i.e., the iPhone) has reportedly overtaken Android on phones (i.e. dozens and dozens of different phones) in marketshare, accounting for 48.1% of US smartphone sales, ahead of Android’s 46.7%. This follows the release of the iPhone 5, and not coincidentally, the last time Apple saw this share of the market was after last year’s iPhone 4S launch. The numbers come by way of study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Kantar’s global consumer insight director, Dominic Sunnebo, expects Apple to beat its previous record of 49.3% of US marketshare.

Sunnebo comments: “Apple has always managed to maintain loyalty levels far above the competition, and this has clearly played a part in driving sales of its new device. An impressive 92% of existing Apple owners in the US said they will choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade.”

Kantar’s study also notes that a large portion of iPhone 5 sales are new iPhone users. While a significant majority, 62%, are existing iPhone users upgrading their devices, 38% of iPhone 5 customers are either buying their first smartphone or switching from another platform, with 13% of new customers switching from an Android device and 6% switching from BlackBerry. Additionally, 92% of existing iPhone users said they plan to choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade their phone.

These numbers are good news for Apple. To have that sort of customer satisfaction is the wish of any company. It also goes to show that despite what some may say, excitement for the iPhone is as palpable as it’s ever been. With almost 20% of new customers coming from other devices, the iPhone remains an attractive device for a wide range of people. Or maybe they just like boring things.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech