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    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: Google, Inc.
    • Version: 64.0.3282.112
    • Price: Free

    Chrome for iOS brings Google's own browsing experience right to your iPhone and iPad. With support for incognito windows, unlimited tabs, voice search, bookmark sync, and more, there's a lot to like about Chrome. Many third party app developers are even integrating Chrome so you can choose it as the default web browser.

    While Chrome for iPhone and iPad may not be the complete Chrome experience, it's pretty darn close. If you use Chrome on your Mac or PC at home, you can access tabs and browsing history from them right on your iPhone or iPad. Another killer feature of Chrome for iOS that hasn't yet made its way to the built-in Safari browser is translation support. Ever click a link to an article and can't read its contents because it isn't in English? With Safari you'd need to copy and paste that data into a translation app. Chrome can use built-in information from Google translate in order to detect a foreign language and offer to translate it for you on the spot.

    Chrome may not be able to tie into iCloud Keychain but it ties into your Google account seamlessly and can pull down not only browsing history and open tabs, but saved passwords and other data that makes browsing the web between devices more convenient. Anyone already tied into the Google ecosystem may find that Chrome makes iOS and Google integration not so painless. Chrome also integrates nicely with Google's other iOS apps including Google+, Google Maps, Google Search, and many more.


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    Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad: Everything you need to know!

    Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad: Everything you need to know!

    What's Google Chrome? Here's what you need to know! May 17, 2018: Google is changing how Chrome indicates site encryption Google Chrome will soon change the way it notifies users of site encryption. Currently, sites that use HTTPS (an encrypted communication protocol) are marked "secure" in the...

    Google tries to take on the iPad with its first ever Chrome OS tablet

    With Apple's education event imminent, Google has debuted its first ever Chrome OS tablet. Round one — fight! As I'm sure all of you already know, tomorrow is Apple's highly anticipated education event, and many are expecting a new, more affordable iPad. However, it seems Google is attempting to...

    Your web browser's password manager is helping ad companies track you across the web

    The Same Origin Policy has one fatal flaw, and of course, ad companies have found a way to exploit it. There are a few things you'll hear in every conversation about internet security; one of the first ones would be to use a password manager. I've said it, most of my coworkers have said it, and...
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    Chrome for iPhone and iPad joins the open source Chromium project

    Chrome for iPhone and iPad joins the open source Chromium project

    Chrome for iPhone and iPad joins the rest of its siblings as part of the open source Chromium project. Google has announced that it has open-sourced the iOS version of its Chrome browser. This brings Chrome for iOS into the Chromium project, and allows developers to compile the code just as they...

    Chrome for iPhone and iPad is now more stable and faster than ever

    Google has pushed an update to its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad, making it nearly 70 percent more stable as well as much faster. The browser now uses Apple's latest rendering engine, WKWebView, which provides an overall better experience on the iPad and iPhone. In addition, you'll notice...
    Chrome lightsaber

    Google's new Star Wars game turns your phone into a lightsaber

    Google joins with the rest of the world in celebrating the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to theaters with a new, and very cool, Chrome web browser experience for both PC and smartphones. It's called Lightsaber Escape and it basically turns your smartphone into a lightsaber so...
    Chrome for iPhone and iPad adds 3D Touch, better Bluetooth keyboard support

    Chrome for iPhone and iPad adds 3D Touch, better Bluetooth keyboard support

    Google has updated its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad, adding support for 3D Touch quick actions on the iPhone 6s. Users can initiate a voice search, open a new tab, or a new incognito tab directly from the app icon. Here's what you'll find in Chrome 47.0.2526.70: Added support for...
    Chrome on Mac

    Google to end Chrome support for OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 in April 2016

    If you are still using a Mac PC with OS X 10.6. 10.7 or 10.8 installed, it's time to think about trading up. Google plans to stop supporting and offering updates for its popular Chrome browser for all those older operating systems in less than a year. Google stated: "Today, we're...
    Chrome browser adds support for iPad multitasking

    Chrome browser adds support for iPad multitasking

    Google has updated its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad, adding support for Split View, Slide Over, and picture-in-picture video. The browser has also added better support for languages that are read right-to-left. Here's the list of changes in Chrome 46.0.2496.73: More productivity: Use...

    If you care about battery life, use Safari instead of Chrome

    There have been numerous reports, including our own anecdotal ones, about how much better Safari is than Chrome when it comes to battery life on MacBooks. Here's another on, this time from Battery Box: Averaging data from all websites tested, Safari won first place with 6 hours 21 minutes of...

    Google brings automatic pausing for Flash content to Chrome desktop beta

    Google is looking to better your MacBook's battery life by automatically pausing any unnecessary Flash content in Chrome. Google announced that it has worked with Adobe to bring a new feature to its Chrome desktop browser that automatically pauses Flash content that isn't essential to a website...