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    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: omz:software
    • Version: 1.3.3
    • Price: $4.99

    Editorial is a plain text editor for both iPhone and iPad that's huge feature set and customizable actions make it one of the best choices for anyone that needs to get some serious writing done. From beautiful inline Markdown previews to snippets to Python scripting, Editorial packs one heck of a productivity punch.

    Upon first launching Editorial, you may think it looks like any other plain text editor, but you'd be wrong. Sure you have the basic interface elements and layouts you'd expect. These include a smart keyboard that contains many of the keys you use most frequently with Markdown syntax. While it's a great Markdown editor, its real value lies in its automation and scripting. Editorial supports customizable workflows and more actions than you can even imagine. Need Text Expander support? No problem. If you don't use Text Expander, Editorial supports creating custom snippets within the app itself. Editorial also goes beyond regular Dropbox syncing by letting you even compare revisions.

    Anyone who needs better automation will love Editorial's native support for Python scripting. When it comes to workflows, the possibilities are endless. Hook Editorial in with your favorite Twitter client or share something via the Messages app without ever having to leave Editorial. Better yet, if you need help creating workflows and scripts, Editorial comes with complete documentation covering all workflow actions and Python modules.

    For those who are serious about automating their workflow, Editorial is hands down the best current option available for both iPhone and iPad.


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