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Fantastical 2

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  • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
  • Vendor: Flexibits Inc.
  • Version: 2.9.5
  • Price: $4.99

Fantastical is a calendar app by Flexibits that wants to get right everything Apple's built-in Calendar and Reminder apps has gotten so wrong. With a natural language input system, Fantastical makes adding events, appointments, and reminders incredibly fast. With a multi-directional scrolling interface it makes finding existing events, appointments, and reminders even faster.

Flexibits launched Fantastical for Mac in May of 2011. Fantastical for iPhone landed in November of 2012. Fantastical for iPad completed the productivity circle in April of 2014. All three share similar focus and functionality though each is optimized to best suit the unique capabilities of the device. For example, the Mac version is insanely fast when using the keyboard. The iPad version shows three sections instead of the two shown on the iPhone, and includes bezel gestures.

Many folks that like the built-in Calendar app but just want a better experience will feel right at home with Fantastical. After all, Fantastical takes the good parts of the Calendar app and simply makes them better. For instance, pull down from the day ticker in order to view a full month complete with a list view on both. Fantastical also features both light and dark themes to suit your personal preference. If you use the native Reminders app, Fantastical can manage that as well by pulling in all your lists and existing events just as you left them. Just tap on Reminders at the top of your list view. Mark items as done, add new ones, and even customize how they're viewed. Fantastical 2 is not only a great calendar app, but it eliminates the need to keep your tasks and calendar entries separate.

Each version of Fantastical is a separate download from the Mac App Store or iOS App Store and they sync using Apple's built-in Calendar and Reminders integration with iCloud.

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