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Hours Time Tracking

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  • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
  • Vendor: Hours, LLC
  • Version: 2.9.4
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Hours Time Tracking by Tapity is a unique way to track time and learn how to manage it better right on your iPhone. By using a series of smart timers, Hours can help you figure out where you're spending your time so you can try improve your output and make sure you're focusing on exactly what needs your attention right now. Once you've finished tracking your day in Hours, you're left with a beautifully color coded timeline of how productive your day was.

In order to start using Hours, simply start a timer. That's it. Nothing more. Start working and let Hours run in the background. When you switch tasks or decide it's time to take a break, simply stop the timer. You can then add a title and categorize that task accordingly. If you have specific projects and clients that you are working on or with, you can color code all of them so it becomes easy to pick out what projects you're spending time on. If you're billing for your time, Hours also lets you easily send your timesheet off in just a few taps so you can instantly bill for those hours. You can export all your data in either CSV or PDF format before you send it on.

The problem with most time tracking apps is that they're either hard to use or most importantly, people simply forget to use them. One of the main things that Hours focuses on is making sure you're tracking time. With smart timers, Hours can nudge you at appropriate intervals to either start or stop timers. As you start entering more and more data into Hours, it figures out when it thinks you should be working. If you don't have a timer set, Hours will nudge you to begin one via push notification. The same goes if you let a timer run for too long.

No matter how productive we think we are, we as humans can almost always find room for improvement. Tracking time with Hours is a great way to not only increase productivity, but to weed out what projects are worth your time and what projects aren't.


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