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    Pocket Casts

    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: ShiftyJelly PTY LTD
    • Version: 6.9.4
    • Price: $3.99
    • Universal: Yes

    Pocket Casts is a beautifully designed podcast app that goes a lot further than letting you listen to or watch your favorite subscriptions. Once you've added your subscriptions, Pocket Casts will automatically download new episodes when they're available. Custom filters allow you to search and weed through podcasts in a snap while AirPlay and ChromeCast support lets you put them on the big screen. And that's just the beginning of what Pocket Casts has to offer.

    If you've got many subscriptions and want to switch between devices, Pocket Casts can sync your subscriptions via iCloud so you can pick up exactly where you left off on your iPad. And since Pocket Casts is a universal app, one purchase gets you both versions.

    One of the most unique and convenient features of Pocket Casts is that you can quickly toggle between video and audio versions. For example, if you start watching a video podcast while laying on the couch but then have to run an errand, just toggle to the audio version in order to pick up right where you left off. No need to scrub and find your place, Pocket Casts can do it for you.

    If you like to listen to podcasts while laying in bed, you can set the sleep timer in Pocket Casts so you don't have to worry about running through episodes if you doze off. And if you're in a hurry, Pocket Casts also supports variable speed up to 3x so you can speed up, or slow down, podcasts.

    Pocket Casts offers many other useful features all wrapped up in an easy to use and beautifully designed interface. So if you're looking for a great podcast app to store and manage all your favorite shows in, be sure you give Pocket Casts a try!


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