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    Sunrise Calendar

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    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
    • Version: 4.21
    • Price: Free
    • Universal: Yes

    Sunrise Calendar for iPhone and iPad is a great alternative to the built-in Calendar app that supports Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. The thing that makes Sunrise unique from other calendars is the way it presents information and combines your social accounts. Want a running record of how often you've been to the gym this week? Just give Sunrise access to Foursquare and all your check-ins feed right into your calendar.

    When you first launch Sunrise, you can choose to import your existing calendars. You can do this by linking up a Google account or granting access to your iCloud or Exchange calendars. Sunrise can also keep track of all your social accounts with your Sunrise login so when you log in on a new device, all your stuff is exactly as you left it.

    As for creating and inputting events, Sunrise supports natural language input. Simply start typing or dictating what you'd like to add and Sunrise can take care of the rest. For example, you can say something like "Lunch with Rene tomorrow at noon". Sunrise will know exactly what you meant and add it to your calendar accordingly. You can, of course, add things manually and toggle events between different calendars you've already got set up.

    Sunrise is also one of the few options that integrate not only iCloud calendar invites, but Facebook as well. For example, if you get invited to an event on Facebook, you'll get alerted in Sunrise too. This way all your events are in one place instead of scattered between different apps. Foursquare check-ins work in much the same way. And for times when you need to focus on getting things done, you can easily hide whatever calendars you don't want to see. Bring them back in just a few taps when you're ready.

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    Sunset will reach Sunrise Calendar on August 31 as focus shifts to Outlook

    The current Sunrise Calendar app will be removed from the iOS App Store in a few more days, and will stop working on installed devices after August 31. The Sunrise team will instead begin focusing their full efforts on the Outlook mobile app following their acquisition by Microsoft. The...
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    Outlook for iPhone and iPad rolls out a new look based on Sunrise

    Microsoft is rolling out a new and major update for its Outlook email and calendar app for the iPhone and iPad. The app will incorporate a number of design features that are a part of the Sunrise calendar app that Microsoft acquired a number of months ago. Microsoft says: For example, the...
    Sunrise Calendar arrives on the Apple Watch

    Get your schedule right on your wrist with Sunrise Calendar

    Popular calendar app Sunrise has been updated with support for the Apple Watch. Sunrise Calendar, the popular third-party calendar now owned by Microsoft, has hit version 4.10, adding support for the Apple Watch. Sunrise Calendar's Apple Watch app lets you view your upcoming events, get meeting...

    Sunrise Calendar now integrates your Wunderlist tasks and to-do lists

    Microsoft-owned Sunrise Calendar has introduced support for Wunderlist, allowing you to create, modify and view your to-do lists directly in the calendar app. To enable integration with the service, head to Settings in Sunrise, select Add Account, choose Wunderlist and log in with your credentials...
    Sunrise Calendar's Meet keyboard will help you schedule your next one-on-one

    Sunrise Calendar will help you schedule your next coffee date with its new Meet keyboard

    Sunrise Calendar has hit version 4.0, bringing worth it a new keyboard for your iPhone and iPad. Sunrise Calendar has introduced Meet, a new keyboard for iPhone and iPad. Meet is built around helping you quickly schedule meet-ups with other people. Once you activate Meet, you can suggest times...

    Microsoft confirms its purchase of Sunrise via a video interview with its co-founder

    Update: Microsoft has now officially posted word that it has bought Sunrise and that video has gone live once again. Original story: Microsoft has now confirmed earlier reports that it has acquired the Sunrise calendar app. The company did this via a video on its YouTube channel which has since...
    Sunrise snapped up by Microsoft for $100 million

    Microsoft's buying Sunrise calendar for more than $100 million

    Sunrise calendar is getting snapped up by Microsoft for "at least $100 million." The calendar app, which integrates sources diverse as Google Calendar and Trello project management and is available on Android, iOS, OS X, and the web, has carved out a niche for itself on the devices of many users...
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    Best calendar apps for iPhone

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    Take control of Trello notifications with Sunrise Calendar for iPhone and iPad

    Take control of Trello notifications with Sunrise Calendar for iPhone and iPad

    Sunrise Calendar isn't a replacement calendar app for me. That spot is currently occupied by Fantastical 2 on both my iPhone and my iPad. Sunrise Calendar is, however, a very important part of my workflow — it's my notification system for Trello. Yes, Sunrise Calendar is better at notifying me...
    Sunrise Calendar: A calendar app for the ultra productive

    Sunrise Calendar caters to the ultra-productive among us

    Sunrise Calendar has come a long way since its initial release almost two years ago. It has evolved from a basic calendar app that only worked with Google and offered but a few social hooks to a productivity powerhouse that now supports iCloud and Exchange and offers a ton of app integrations....
    Sunrise Calendar adds RSVP from notifications and Trello card support

    Sunrise Calendar adds RSVP from notifications, Trello card support

    Sunrise Calendar has updated to version 2.6, iOS 8-ready with interactive notifications and support for Trello. Interactive notifications in Sunrise allow you to RSVP to events right when you receive an invitation, directly from the notification. You can either respond by swiping the...
    Sunrise Calendar adds search, Google Calendar notifications, and more

    Sunrise Calendar adds search, Google Calendar notifications, and more

    Sunrise Calendar has received a substantial update, adding search, Todoist integration, and more. Syncing between Sunrise Calendar for desktop and iOS devices has also been enhanced. Search allows you to find both past and future events easily. You can search by title, location, or attendees....


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