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    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: Uber Technologies, Inc.
    • Version: 3.261.4
    • Price: Free

    Uber for iPhone ties directly into the Uber service so you can skip the taxi line and find a private driver when you need one. Not only can you request a ride with the Uber app, you can also track the progress of your driver and know exactly when they'll arrive. Once you've gotten to your destination, Uber also makes it super simple to pay right through the app, no cash required!

    The Uber service itself is currently available in over 40 countries across the globe. If you live in a densely populated area, the odds of there being an Uber driver around are pretty good. Simply launch the Uber app in order to see a live map view of what kind of Uber cars are available near your location. Uber offers many different kinds of vehicles including the Uber Taxi, a cheaper option, and all the way up to an SUV service that's more convenient for larger parties.

    The unique thing about the Uber service over standard taxies, aside from the convenience factor, is that you can share rides in order to save on fares. Uber drivers are also rated by other Uber riders so you can read reviews and know what to expect before you even request a ride.

    Uber also strives to be upfront and honest about its pricing. Since it can tell where you are by using your current location, just tell Uber where you want to go and you'll be given a total for the journey. This is guaranteed to be what you'll pay for your ride. Uber also offers promotions from time to time as well as giving frequent riders loyalty discounts for using the service.

    Next time you're in a larger city, be sure to fire up the Uber app and give the service a try. You won't be disappointed that you did.


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    Toyota joins forces with Uber as part of 'strategic investment'

    Toyota plans to make a "strategic investment" in ride-sharing company Uber as part of a larger collaborative partnership. The deal will also see the car manufacturer launching a leasing program through which Uber drivers can cover their lease payments directly through their earnings. From...
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    Uber's Paytm integration will let you pay for your ride abroad in rupees

    If you use Uber in india, you know that the only form of payment currently accepted by the service is Paytm. While it's convenient to use the payment wallet in the country, the service doesn't work outside of India, which makes hailing an Uber in other countries particularly cumbersome. That's all...
    Uber's newest feature lets whole families share one payment method

    Uber's newest feature lets whole families share one payment method

    Uber is looking to make paying for rides for friends and family members a bit easier with the addition of Family Profiles. Family Profiles, which are only available for Uber customers in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix for the time being, allow you to easily share payment information with others to...



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