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    • Initial Release: 31 Dec 1969
    • Vendor: Vine Labs, Inc.
    • Version: 6.0.2
    • Price: Free

    Vine is a completely free video sharing service available for iPhone and many other mobile platforms that lets you take short six second videos to share with the world. Much like Instagram, Vine videos are in a square format and can be made from multiple clips. Many celebrities and comedians have found interesting and unique ways to share moments with Vine all over the world.

    The point of Vine is to share moments as they happen, so that means you can't import existing video from your iPhone to create a Vine. Instead, you have to record Vines while you're in that specific moment. You can however save Vines that you want to complete later or add pieces to. This feature has made it possible for many Viners to get extremely creative. For instance, some Vine videos can take viewers across the world in a mere six seconds.

    Vine videos can be shared instantly on both Twitter and Facebook. You can also embed Vines on other sites if you'd like. By default Vine videos are created to loop over and over, which is what they will do in the Vine timeline and when viewed on many social media sites.

    After Vine was initially released, many competing services such as Instagram made it possible to upload short videos. Instagram tried to set the bar slightly higher by allowing users to upload a full 15 seconds of video instead of the shorter 6 seconds that Vine allows. However, part of the draw to Vine is how creative people can be in such a short expanse of time. Because of that, many people still prefer to share short videos on Vine than other competing services.


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    Twitter videos can now be 140 seconds long

    Twitter is now allowing anyone to upload longer videos to their accounts. The new video length limit is 140 seconds, compared to the older limit of 30 seconds. Twitter's sister app Vine is beta testing a way to upload videos up to 140 seconds as well. Now, everyone can post videos up to 140...
    Vine's new 'watch' button gives your fingers a rest from scrolling

    Vine's new 'watch' button gives your fingers a rest from scrolling

    Vine is pushing out a new feature that should make binge-watching your favorite channels much easier. Coming along in the latest update to the Vine app is the addition of a new "watch" button that allows you to start playing every vine on a channel with one tap. Essentially, the watch button just...
    Vine picks up 3D Touch quick action support on the iPhone 6s

    Vine now lets you create a new video right from its icon with 3D Touch support

    Vine, Twitter's app for sharing quick videos, has been updated to take advantage of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. With the app's new quick actions, you can start a search or create a new Vine right from the app icon. Here's what's new in Vine 5.3: Now you can watch an account's Vines in any...
    Vine picks up Apple Watch support and audio remixes

    Vine picks up Apple Watch support and audio remixes

    Vine's app for iPhone has received a major update, adding support for the Apple Watch. The app has also added Audio Remixes, a new way to find similar Vines. The Vine Apple Watch app lets you watch posts from the creators that you've marked as Favorites, as well as the Featured section. You...

    Vine now supplies you with beats for your looping videos

    Vine is allowing its user base to add music to their loops. Featured artists will supply the beats to add a new dimension to your submitted content. Once you've finished capturing a new video on your smartphone, which in itself is now easier with the new Snap to Beat feature, the network will...
    Vine update lets you share to multiple social networks at once

    Vine update lets you share to multiple social networks at once

    Vine has updated its iOS app today with a new share menu that makes sharing to your favorite social networks a much simpler process. In this latest update, Vine users now have the option to share their Vines to multiple social networks at once, rather than one at a time. Overall, the process is a...
    Vine for iPhone 6

    Vine now supports 720p video viewing and uploads from the iPhone

    Vine now supports higher-resolution 720p video uploads from the iPhone. Vine announced the new higher-resolution videos in a blog post, adding that they will be viewable on their iOS and Android apps "over the coming days". Vine video posts made from the iPhone can already support the new 720p...

    Vine now lets you start watching videos faster, adds offline viewing

    Vine has sped up the process of watching videos through its app, and made enhancements that allow you to watch videos while offline or on a slow internet connection. Vine has made some important tweaks to allow you to watch videos offline. The app now works in the background to download content...
    Vine Kids serves up child-friendly entertainment six seconds at a time

    Vine Kids serves up child-friendly entertainment six seconds at a time

    Vine has released a kid-friendly video app called Vine Kids for iPhone. Developed by two engineers during Vine's Hack Week, Vine Kids does away with most of the elements of the original Vine app, showing only videos that are appropriate for children. Vine Kids does not allow users to record...
    Vine adds support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, an extension, and more

    Vine adds support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, an extension, and more

    Vine has been updated to version 3.0, and now supports the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Vine also now has a share extension, and gives you the ability to follow channels. You can now follow Vine channels such as Animals, Comedy, Food, and News. Tapping the new '+' button in the top right corner...

    New Vine update for iPhone adds way to import existing videos and more

    Vine for iPhone has been updated, now allowing users to import their existing videos to the app. As part of the editing interface, you can choose from your existing videos, though you will have to edit them down to six seconds, and slow-motion videos are supported. You will be able to string...

    New and updated apps: Plague Inc., Aphelion, iTranslate for Mac and more!

    Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today we've got a cool new game, an update to a popular one, a Mac conversion of a popular...