Rumors of another new iPad this year have been circulating for a while, and now This is My Next is hearing it won't be an iPad 3 but instead will be an iPad 2 HD sporting a pixel doubled Retina Display and aimed at the higher end market.

As hard as it might be to believe, the new tablet is said to sport a double resolution screen (2048 x 1536), and will be dubbed the “iPad HD.” The idea behind the product is apparently that it will be a “pro” device aimed at a higher end market — folks who work in video and photo production possibly — and will be introduced alongside something like an iPad version of Final Cut or Aperture. This product is specifically said to not be the iPad 3, rather a complimentary piece of the iPad 2 line. Think MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Aside from the new name, this matches up very closely to what TiPb has been hearing as well. It also fits in nicely with Apple's slogan from earlier this spring, that 2011 would be the year of the iPad 2.

If they really want to stay consistent, however, iPad 2 Pro has a nice ring to it. As always, however, when exactly Apple chooses to pull the trigger on new hardware depends on the prices and yields of components like that HD screen. After all, it's been problematic enough to produce the current resolution iPad 2s fast enough to meet demand.

[Update: Sounds like the announcement might be in September with the launch in October TiPb Forums]