More iPad 2, iPad 3 rumors: Cameras, Retina Displays, and 6-inch screens

As we get closer to spring, iPad 2 -- and strangely iPad 3 -- rumors just keep coming, including more on cameras and placement, future Retina Displays, and... wait for it!... a 6-inch form factor!

First up, 9to5Mac got their hands on some purported iPad 2 screen savers and M.I.C Gadget some purported high-end iPad 2 cases which suggest the front-facing camera will be centered, like on iPod touch 4, and the rear camera will be roughly the same size as iPhone 4. (Though that doesn't indicate resolution or senor quality.) The screen may also be taller but slightly narrower and the device in general a tad smaller (Georgia's oft-requested bezel reduction?) It also indicates the tapered edges, flat back, and speaker grill we saw on the mock-up at CES might turn out to be real.

Next, AppleInsider reports that, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple isn't able to produce sufficient quantities of a 2048x1536 iPad Retina Display at low enough costs yet, re-affirming that will more likely be an iPad 3 feature. Kuo also said Apple is evaluating a mid-sized device between iPod touch at 3.5-inches and iPad at 9.7-inches. Rather than a smaller iPad, however, this could be a larger iPod touch that "stretches" the 960x640 Retina Display to lower density but larger physical size (much like large screen Android phones and early tablets did.) A 6-inch iPod touch would be easier for younger and older users to see and navigate and better for gaming and movies...

...But I still don't see Apple letting anything "stretched" out of the labs. Do you?

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