Digitimes is claiming that the Foxconn Electronics plant in Shenzhen will start shipping iPad 2 in 100 days. They claim initial shipments should reach 400,000 - 600,000 units. The rumor comes from Taiwan based component makers but has not been confirmed in any way by Foxconn.

The sources claim that the iPad 2 will ship by the end of February 2011. Apple had planned to start mass manufacturing of the iPad 2 in January however the device’s firmware is still in the testing stage and this has now been delayed by Apple.

Apple tend to keep device releases to a set yearly schedule. We know the iPhone tends to be released in June, new iPod devices in September and if last year is a basis, iPad 2 would be released in April. This would give Apple plenty of time to build up a substantial inventory to satisfy what will surely be a huge demand.

This time we will see current iPad users upgrading to more advanced hardware as well as others potential users who have held off buying the first generation iPad, finally taking the plunge.

We've already begun to imagine what new features iPad 2 will boast. I'm expecting an announcement in January, I can’t wait, what about you?