iPad 2 boxes in Apple Store

We're getting a lot of feedback from American readers who are upset that, with iPad 2 inventory so low at US Apple Stores and online orders already pushed back over a month, Apple is going ahead with the international iPad 2 roll-out this Friday. They believe that Apple should meet "home country" demand first even if it means delaying the international launch by a month, like they did last year for the original iPad.

Of course, many US iPads were also bought by international enthusiasts eager to get it right away (or by scalpers who lined up by the dozens to make a quick buck selling them overseas.) I'm guessing if you live in the US you might agree that Apple should meet US demand first (or are even thinking of traveling to the Canadian or UK launch to try to get your iPads back!). International buyers are no doubt relieved the won't be a delay this year.

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