iPad 2,4 benchmark

Last month we had learned that some iPad 2 units were being loaded with a new 32 nanometer version of the Apple A5 process, and as you might expect, testing results show that it is providing a significant increase in battery life. The new model, designated iPad 2,4, managed to squeeze around an extra hour and a half out of browser and gaming tests compared to a plain-Jane iPad 2 (15% and 30% gain respectively), and an additional two and a half hours of video playback (up 18%). The battery life compared to the third-generation iPad is even better, boasting an extra two and a half hours of gaming and browsing, and an extra four hours of video playback. Beyond eking out a bit more battery life, the 32 nm processor on these iPad 2 units perform just as quickly as the originals.

So how do you get one of these iPad 2,4 units? It's tricky, because the box art is exactly the same as any other 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2, so the only way you can find out the specific model number is by loading up a diagnostic app like Geekbench. iPad 2,4 models are preloaded with iOS 5.1, but aside from that, you might have to return a lot of iPads to the store if you're really on the hunt for one of these.

Those of you that recently bought an iPad 2, maybe thanks to the price drop when the new iPad came out, should download Geekbench below and see if they've got one of these elusive models. What's more important to you when it comes to your iPad experience; a bleeding-sharp display, or oodles of battery life? Would it really be worth the hassle to track one of these iPad 2,4 units down?

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Source: Anandtech

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