iPad 4 might be set to replace iPad 2 tomorrow as well, Lightning to reign supreme!

The iPad 4 could be set to replace the ancient iPad 2 as Apple's lower-end, full-sized tablet as early as tomorrow. Combined with rumors of an 8GB iPhone 5c, if everything plays out, we could see an end to the venerable 30-pin Dock connector, and the new Lightning plug run the Apple line. Mark Gurman writing for 9to5Mac:

With the $399 iPad 2 seeing extreme supply constraints, it seems likely that this fourth-generation model is designed to re-ignite iPad growth at the $399 price point and it will replace the aging iPad 2. The iPad 2 remains Apple’s last tablet with the legacy 30-pin dock connector, and the return of the fourth-generation iPad would bring Lightning parity across the Apple tablet line. With the 8GB iPhone 5c incoming tomorrow (in all of 16GB/32GB colors), perhaps the iPhone 4s will see discontinuation as well.

About time. Now that just leaves the iPad mini as the only non-Retina device in the lineup...

All that said, it's still hard to get excited about an 8GB iPhone or 16GB iPad in today's day an age. Or, at that price point, is it appealing enough despite the lack of storage?