iPad Air 2 tear down reveals A8X processor, 2 GB RAM, smaller battery

Apple's latest iPad Air 2 has been torn down to reveal the slim tablet's internals. With Apple shaving 18 percent of the thickness from last year's iPad Air model, the new Air comes with a smaller battery. Given that the company is still advertising the same 10-hour battery life, Apple has made considerable improvements to the software and other hardware components to make the iPad Air 2 efficient. Along with the slimmer battery, we also see the Apple A8X processor alongside 2 GB of RAM.

Apple claims the same 10-hour battery life as the original Air, so more efficient power use seems to be on tap here—though early reviews seem to indicate that real-world battery life is down a bit from the previous-gen iPad.

Additionally, the iFixIt tear down reveals that there are no external screws to the tablet, so the only way in is to pry open the display. Though the LCD screen is more rigid thanks the the new display tech this year, there is still some risk to damaging the unit if you're not careful in prying things apart:

The glued-down display remains the iPad's only access point, so there's still a risk of damaging it even when performing ordinary repairs.

If you want to play surgery on your tablet, be sure to visit the iFixIt guide.

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Source: iFixIt