When Apple announced the iPad last week, TiPb's email quickly filled up with readers and forum members who wondered if it would be possible to jailbreak it and, if so, how long it would take? First, it's important to remember that, while we're all excited, the iPad doesn't even ship until March at the earliest, so it is pure speculation at this point. We do hope the likes of the iPhone Dev-Team and/or Geohot will try their hardest to get it accomplished and that it will only be a matter of time.

The good news is, unlike the iPhone, Apple is selling the iPad 3G carrier-unlocked, so there'll be no need for redsn0w or blacksn0w. Just pop in a Micro-SIM and you can use it on any network you want.

The bad news is, Apple has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to combating the jailbreak. With their new iPhone Platform Security Manager and hardware changes and the patching of software exploits like the 24kpwn, which no longer works on the latest iPhone 3GS and iPod touch G3 models, there is no doubt in our minds it will take a good while.

So, to anyone looking to pick up a iPad and jailbreak it when it is released, we hope you have a good amount of patience.

We'd also like to know -- presuming the iPad is jailbroken, which Jailbreak Apps do you most want to see ported over?