For strange reasons beyond my comprehension, not all of you out there in the TiPb nation can join us when we record our iPad Live or iPhone Live podcasts at 9pm EDT on Sunday and Wednesday nights... so we're experimenting with offering the video later as well. (This would be in addition to our regular audio RSS and iTunes feeds) There are a lot of bugs to work out still (could the audio delay be any longer?) but if enough of you are interested, let us know and we'll keep at it!

(You should really show up live though, that way you get to join in on the show, ask questions, correct us when we're wrong, and sometimes win fabulous prizes!)

Note: Due to YouTube's length limits, we're breaking it up into four 15 minute segments. First one is up top. Let us know if you want the rest! Also, what would your preferred format be, YouTube like this, iTunes video, something else?