iPad mini and fourth-gen iPad will come to Sprint

When the cellular iPad mini and 4th-generation iPad launch next month, Sprint will find itself standing next to Verizon and AT&T in offering iPads for use on their LTE network. With the launch of the 3rd-generation iPad in March of this year, Sprint was left out when LTE compatibility was announced. Sprint confirmed iPad mini and fourth-gen availability in a press release today: "Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced that in the coming weeks it will offer iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. Sprint will offer these new iPads with a range of attractive data plans that will allow customers to connect to its 4G LTE network."

Sprint and Verizon will share models of both devices that run on either carrier’s CDMA and LTE networks. AT&T will have a separate GSM and LTE model. Both the CDMA and GSM models will support international 3G and LTE bands, meaning that the Sprint and Verizon iPads will still be compatible with cellular networks when traveling abroad. The price for the cellular models of iPad mini start at $459 for the 16GB model, moving up to $559 and $659 for the 32GB and 64GB models, respectively. For the 4th generation iPad, the cellular models start at $629 for the 16GB cellular model, with the 32GB costing $729, and the 64GB priced at $829. The cellular models of both the iPad mini and the 4th-generation iPad will launch mid-November.

Any takers? Which carrier are you siding with?

Source: Sprint