The iPad mini is now on sale for just 99 at Target

Target now has a sale for the iPad mini that brings the price of Apple's non-Retina 7.9-inch tablet to $199, or the equivalent of last year's Google Nexus 7 when that tablet debuted. The sale price reflects a $100 discount on the iPad mini and the slate is available in either slate grey or white configurations so as long as you choose the 16 GB model with WiFi only.

The iPad mini originally debuted at $329 but was reduced to $299 when Apple introduced the updated model with Retina Display. For comparison, the Retina Display resolution iPad mini in 16 GB WiFi configuration costs $399.

Target says that this is their lowest price yet for the tablet and that "quantities are limited." The retailer additionally isn't offering a rain check either, though if you live near an Apple Store, you likely can get Apple to match Target's sale price.

With the iPad mini with Retina Display and an anticipated tablet refresh this fall when Apple is expected to introduce new hardware that runs iOS 8 out of the box, consumers should likely wait if they want to see what Apple has planned. That said, $200 for an iPad mini is a good price for a good tablet.

Source: Target

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