Screenshot of an iPad charging

According to some recent reports, the new iPad battery level indicator seems to shows a full tank two hours and ten minutes before it's actually charged to full capacity. This news means, contrary to appearances, it really takes about 9 hours to get a full charge from scratch. The tests were run by DisplayMate, the fine folks that analyzed the display on the new iPad.

If accurate, this would be the second time an iOS indicator was found to be misreporting state. During the antennagate controversy, Apple admitted that the cellular signal indicator on the iPhone 4 was showing an erroneously high cell signals, and issued an update to fix it.

However, it seems that misreporting battery state is something that a lot of tablets actually suffer from, since the power status is figured out through an algorithm which can have flaws in it.

Despite having a higher-capacity battery, the new iPad's power adapter is the same as the iPad 2, so it's natural to expect charging to take longer; odds are most of us were going to be charging new iPads overnight anyway, when an extra two hours isn't going to make a huge difference.  

How much power does your iPad have before you plug it in at night? Will an extra two hours charging time throw off your routine with the new iPad?

Source: PCMag