People who have been waiting for Apple to launch a large iPad Pro tablet may get their wish in the near future. A new report claims that the company is planning to start taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro, along with the iPad mini 4, in October, with a launch planned for sometime in November.

According to 9to5Mac:

The "iPad Pro" (which is actually the planned name of the device) is currently scheduled to hit retail outlets in November, following a pre-order campaign that will launch toward the end of October, sources indicate."

The report adds that while both new iPad models are currently expected to be officially revealed at Apple's September 9 press event, it does hold out the possibility that the company could decide to wait and host another media event in October to formally introduce the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. iMore will be attending Apple's big event in San Francisco next week to get first-hand reports on the company's big reveals.

Source: 9to5Mac