While I appreciate the love many have for golf, it's never been a sport I put on my calendar. But when you combine it with stunning landscape artwork from iPad Pro artists, it's hard not to take a second look.

It's the tack the PGA Tour took at the Players Championship over the weekend: The PGA invited several iPad Pro artists to stroll the green at TPC Sawgrass, sketching the course, crowds, players, swings, and more.

This isn't the first time the PGA Tour has experimented with alternative artistic coverage of the sport: In 2016, the organization commissioned a photographer to capture the event solely with his iPhone. 2017 brings four artists illustrators to the course, along with their iPad Pro and Pencil of choice. Two of the illustrators, Kristian Champagne and Paul Winter, are senior graphic designers and illustrators on the PGA Tour's staff; the other two, Jim Conway and Evan Sklar, are artists from California and New York, respectively.

Apple's iPad Pro has been in the sports spotlight in the past, with artist Robert Generette III drawing portraits of NBA stars, but this is the first time the iPad Pro has been featured during a live sports event.

The paintings, which include stunning landscapes of the TPC Sawgrass course, snapshot the patient beauty inherent in the sport for golfing fans. But it's not just longtime sports fans who benefit: The iPad Pro hook pulls in digital art aficionados who might not otherwise take a second look at the Players Championship, and allows them to appreciate the sport in a new light.

The PGA Tour has a full gallery of the artists' work available on its website — go check it out (or this Jim Conway time-lapse below).